Friday, September 18, 2009

Giddy as a school girl . . .

Well, I technically am a girl who goes to school, so does that make me giddy all the time (yes . . . )

But anyway, I have about 3 main reasons to be giddy:

1. I have my first follower . . . from Australia (thank you muchly dear)!

2. Peter Som's collection makes me want to blow bubbles in a daisy field, eat soft serve ice cream at amusement parks, and let go of a balloon and watch it disappear in the sky. Such flirty patterns and colors . . . I want it all! I have friends who are scared of color (or just don't wear any), and I think even they would love this collection. Anyway, pictures speak for themselves.

Which I'm making into an entirely separate post that will come right after this (oh, I am evil). And man, it smells like chicken . . . it's a sign I should be sleeping . . .

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