Monday, September 7, 2009

Curiouser and curiouser . . .

Was not my thought when I sat down at Alice's Tea Cup, Chapter 2, located on the corner of 64th and Lexington Avenue (going down). But that's probably because I was there before.

Yesterday I made my way over there to meet with a bunch of lolita friends (lolita being the Japanese street fashion and friends being the awesome people of whom like said fashion). One of them were leaving New York and we decided it only made sense to meet up and eat and mingle. So Alice's seemed to be the right choice because, who doesn't like tea??

In order from the left, Alice's BLT with mixed greens, a pumpkin scone, and birthday tea.

If happiness could come in the form of a sandwich, it would probably be that BLT. I swear, one of the many things disabling me from turning vegetarian is bacon. AND THAT SANDWICH HAD A LOT OF IT. With maybe a slither of lettuce and a few tomatoes. The rest was blue cheese spread. And I crave salt like a pregnant woman well into her 6th month, so that sandwich pretty much made for the bliss of becoming a mother of a food baby.

The pumpkin scone I've had before and it's their best scone in my opinion, but I split it with my friend's mixed berry scone and enjoyed the latter as well. A nice little tip: they have a $10 minimum on weekends, so order a sandwich and have your friend order Alice's Tea that comes with 2 scones. That's what my friend and I did, and I gave her 1/2 a sandwich and she gave me a scone, and we split the tea. Best deal ever.

Lastly, since I have an unhealthy relationship with tea, I had to have tea. The birthday tea wasn't anything too special (I'm not THAT big on fruit teas), but it hit the right spot.

The day continued like this: Dylan's Candy Bar, Crumbs, Honey and Tea (a store in Grand Central: the man working there with the glasses is nice and cute and when a man knows his teas, well, you know the rest), Book Off, and Kinokuniya.

I got super excited about the Barbie display at Dylans only to find out chocolate shaped Barbie's pumps should not be that expensive. But alas, Barbie is too much fabulosity money can't handle her.

The day ended with tired striped legs, a gaping face at the man sitting 2 seats away with his brand new Gucchi bag and Coach sneakers (both of which I found unattractive), and good memories (the part that really matters, no?)

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