Monday, September 14, 2009

The Video Music Awards

I really don't have the chance to watch any award show except the Oscars because my dad can't stand those things. And music awards . . . no one backs me up in my family about those. So me being the good little teenage American girl with a lot of time on my hands (which is a LIE because I'm just procrastinating) took the time to watch some coveted clips and decided to comment on a few things.

1. I should be commenting on the Taylor Swift Kanye West controversy (is it even?) first, but I think everyone knows what happened. Basically West called her out when she won Best Female Video and said Beyonce had best video and that left Taylor kinda . . . quiet. Look, Taylor is darling, Beyonce is a doll, and Kanye has done too many things before for this to be remotely shocking.
2. Uhhhhh, LADY GAGA?! She actually freaked me out during "Paparazzi". Like, I think it's her face . . . the blank stare in her eyes and the blood irked me. And the red crown and lace outfit . . .
3. Pink and Shakira wearing the same Balmain dress was win actually because they both rocked it and uh, duh, I kind of love Pink. She's amazing.
4. Michael Jackson tribute was really lovely. Those dancers are banging.
5. Beyonce's Single Ladies is everywhere, and has been everywhere since it came out. I don't mind too much, I mean, I've heard it enough to be able to recite the lyrics to you therefore I won't be distracted from anything if it comes on. But her performance of the song, I admit to loving it. I think what made it the best was that after watching it, I realized that if the Single Ladies dance was a workout regimen, that would totally work for me.
6. I hated Whitney Port and Jennifer Lopez's dresses. And Tyson Ritter wore a suit the same color as my blood (inside joke). And Beyonce's dress had the oddest lump in the front that I did not care for. This being all said, nothing against the people, just the clothes.

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