Saturday, September 12, 2009

Fashion's Night Out

This post is delayed due to classes and overall not being able to get on a computer since then, so here is everything including lovely photos, a recap of EVERYTHING I experienced that night, and just overall, a super long post.


The day started out as it always does, except that I was dying to get out because you-know-why.

After getting out of class at 5 p.m., I managed to make my way over to Korea Town to get my fix of some kimchi rice for dinner, and headed over to 5th Ave where I would be meeting my friend. She was on line at Aldo trading in shoes for a sweet $50 gift card, so I decided to do what I've been having dreams about for the past few weeks:

Seeing Zac Posen

My choicest set of pictures of him and le model (who was by the way was adorable)

So here's the tragic story that I must share about seeing Zac Posen:

I was happily snapping away pictures of him and his fabulous rhinestone laurels/tiara, when my friend arrived. She needed to use the bathoom, so off we went in search of one in the ever-so-crowded department store that is Bergdorf Goodman. After taking care of business and coming out again, Zac was out of the window and my friend was on the phone. Being the shifty eye-d girl that I am, I started to look around. That's when I actually had a 10 second heart attack.


I was dying and naturally had to go over, so off we did. I took my camera out, set it up, and waited for my moment to jump in and ask. All of a sudden, a random man starts asking questions, so away those 10 seconds went. And then suddenly, a woman who was with him (Zac) says "we have to go" and there I am, yelling "wait" only to say hello to his back walking away.

I ended up tearing for the next 20 minutes.

I got over it though because a. I had to, but b. I was still glad I at least got to see him and be about half a foot away from that fabulosity.

So the rest of the night included going downtown to Soho and in and outta shops. Oh, but before that, we went inside a Cole Haan where we had the most orgasmic cupcake with a chocolate center, followed by an orgasmically soft leather bag designed by Maria Sharapova. Oh, and the staff at 5 ave. Cole Haan are just super friendly, and I was overall a happy camper there.
But back to going downtown, more pictures:

Parties were everywhere, people were everywhere, and the streets were covered in ice chips and cars that couldn't move. It was pretty amazing.
The 5th random crowd picture (counting from the left and down) was a result of the whole neighborhood wanting to grab pictures of Rihanna in front of Intermix. The last picture is a cookie I grabbed at Topshop from Eleni's (which reminds me I have not visited their store in Chelsea Market for a while), which I gave half of to my mother the next day.

I would say the longest I stayed in a store was at Anna Sui, because if anyone knows me, they know I LOVE Anna Sui, her clothes, accessories, store, and store staff. I was planning to buy more there, but decided since it was already getting late, I'd opt for their conditioning lotion (which so glad they re-stocked, along with some of their other bath things because I am OBSESSED) and some sparkling blue tights.

The right is an invitation I got to their release of their new fragrance "Rock Me." Tragedy story number 2 is thus: I'm attending a show (the better phrase would be I'm dressing models backstage) and it happens to be the same day and time frame as the release party. So of course, I'm going to have to miss it. And I love Anna's fragrances so naturally this is a big blow for me. This also means I need to go on a quest to find someone to give this invitation to.

The rest of the night ended with drizzling rain, some more ice on streets, passing by the Prada party, and discussing more fashion on the train with my friend. Ending with some intense fangirling of Zac Posen on the phone with my friend over at Boston, hugging my blanket while we talked about his perfect eyebrows and sweaty charming awkwardness.

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