Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Fashion doesn't wait . . .

So being off the computer for a few days really didn't help the fact that fashion doesn't wait. Now I have all this catching up to do and I'm ready to just crawl back into my bed and read (<-----loser)

Well, that being a half lie, I did manage to get some work done yesterday. I finished all my hems including the annoying Hong Kong stitch which I did wrong maybe 5 times and had to redo. Now I have to redo some of my seams because I did them wrong, but luckily I managed to grab the instructional dvd on how to do them at my library (and the right one this time!) so that should help.

THAT being said, I think Charlie le Mindu is amazing.
Does anybody else think of Gaultier's hair hat when you see this? (of which was amazing seeing at the Met a while ago)
I mean, who doesn't want a giant lip on their heads? And hair skirts? Okay, so maybe not . . . but either way I dig it. I don't care if people think it's ridiculous, at least it's not boring!

In other news, I ate ice cream this morning which is terrible to do but I did anyway. And right after a nice bowl of Newman's Own cereal. *tears* Needless to say I just eat a lot in the morning. My argument is that I need that sugar for karaoke-ing today!

So now I must go and get ready. I shall update more of what is going to go down this weekend as I will be pretty busy. Toodles everyone~~~~

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