Friday, September 4, 2009

My Week at FIT

So my first week at FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology) has pretty much simmered down, and I gotta say up until Friday, it's been the worst week of my life (exaggeration remark #1).

This is mainly due to the fact that:
1. Since last week, I had the craziest tooth ache and sore throat, disabling me from chewing or swallowing i.e. eating
2. I didn't get my materials until Thursday afternoon, meaning I was way unprepared and suffered the wrath of responsibility speeches and the guilt from the kindness of peers
3. I was late to maybe 6 out of 8 classes this week (and late = being exactly on time because apparently everyone is already there 10 minutes before class starts)
4. 2 days ago I got a blister on my lip and a bump on my tongue which I thought was caused by some crazy allergy but allergy medicine didn't make it feel better
5. Got pooped on by a bird on my favorite granny sweater

BUT THEN ON FRIDAY, I officially got over it because I had a day full of drawing (God yes) and established that everyone in my block classes is fabulousity. Followed up by 3 hours spent finishing my pattern on muslin for draping, which was possible due to the help of a super nice upperclassman. So now I'm going to enjoy my lazy weekend, which will consist of farewell parties, homework, and the continuation of le journey of Harry Potter part 7.

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