Saturday, November 7, 2009

Foodie To-Do List!

Today I'm going to reveal to you my foodie to-do list, i.e. my list of food places I have GOT to go before the year is out. This list will pretty much comprise of places I recently discovered with places I've been meaning to go to FOREVER.

I shall go by categories . . .

How likely of me to start off with dessert.

1. Magnolia's Bakery
Various locations
I've been here twice before and never tried a single sweet. I think that's what you call retarded . . . Well, anyway, after some careful stumbling upon vital information via Yelp and Google, I've discovered they have a killer banana pudding that I have GOT to try. I found the recipe for it online but decided it would be best trying it out first before creating the whole batch.
If there's anything I have been craving these past few weeks, it's pudding. And boy do I love bananas.

2. Levain Bakery
167 W 74th St
(between Amsterdam Ave & Columbus Ave)
Being an avid watcher of Food Network, after seeing them on Throwdown with Bobby Flay, I realized the only thing that should be done is to GO TO THIS PLACE ALREADY AND GET A COOKIE (which would also be a great excuse after seeing some friends at my old high school nearby).
I hear their cookies are about as much as a cupcake from Crumbs ($3.75) but being as they're gigantic and thick, I think it should be worth it.

3. Sugar Sweet Sunshine Bakery
126 Rivington St
(between Essex St & Norfolk St)
My friend mentioned it to me once but I don't know if she's visited yet (although she probably has! [insert envy])
I was reading reviews on Yelp and decided that the Pistachio cupcake had to be had. And it seems that cupcakes are only $1.50! That my friend is called a steal, when you're used to paying double and above.


1. Bleecker Pizza
69 7th Ave South
(between S 7 Ave & Bleecker St)
I'm going to tell you right now I've walked in here before and left empty handed. This is mostly due to the fact that I wasn't hungry but I convinced my friend to come with me (since we were in the area) because I had walked by here before and promised myself to come back. Apart from the fact that there's a huge sign that says "Voted Best Pizza by Food Network," the line that's usually there tells me locals like it to.

2. Yonah Schimmel's Knishes Bakery
137 E Houston St
(between 2nd Ave & Chrystie St)
I believe I discovered what a knish was early middle school, and tried one years later to know that potatoes are just Gods gift to us and therefore, we must handle it with tender loving care thus the knish was born.
This place I discovered just yesterday when my friend and I were heading to the Mercury Lounge to buy our Rooney tickets. I just stopped, saw the words knishery, and went right in. The place was almost empty at the time and only one man working behind the counter, but I saw trays of knishes of all kinds. THEY WERE HUGE. I brought home with me a menu and decided my next visit needed to be planned out carefully so I can be hungry enough for those puppies. Reading reviews is making me lean towards a spinach or broccoli knish. Either way, I shall be seen there soon enough.

3. Taim Falafel and Smoothie Bar
222 Waverly Pl
(between 11th St & Perry St)
I think I have an incessant need to try all the falafel places in NYC, so this should be my next stop. From what I'm getting, they have awesome falafels of 3 kinds, fair prices for what you're getting ($5+), various beverage options, oh, and celebrity sightings (because they like it just that much too). So hi Taim, I'm going to be gorging on your falafels soon enough.

4. Prosperity Dumpling
46 Eldridge St
I stumbled across this place one day on Yelp (which is strange I wasn't even looking for dumplings). But after reading the positive reviews and the fact that the food is SO CHEAP and it's in Chinatown (which is also great for getting bubble tea with the extra money I'll have), I know that I HAVE to go. I love dumplings, good cheap eats, and trying new places.
Enough said.

I believe my list is done. After going to all these places, I might be in a food coma. If you know any other great food joints in NY, don't hesitate to let me know! Ah . . . he joys of eating . . .


  1. I went to Levain today! If you haven't gone yet, my word of advice: avoid getting the chocolate cookies. Because then you're basically eating a brownie. A really GOOD brownie of course, but I mean, we're coming to this place for a special, gigantic COOKIE, not a brownie!


    Apparently, I used to live a few blocks from his old shop. But anyways, we HAVE to go to this D<