Thursday, November 19, 2009

Teen Vogue Event @ Burton Snowboards

Please don't disregard the RIP message in the post before this one just because I'm posting more than once today. I just need to post this now before forgetting to later.

Today I attended a Teen Vogue event at Burton Snowboard on Spring & Mercer St., Soho. A line was to be had and some encounters with curly headed people was had as well, but alas, good times ensued before going in.

My look:
-Random hairtie
-Random red glasses from St. Marks (of which a man complimented me on the street today and yelled "You go girl!" to which I nodded enthusiastically with my mouth open)
-Blue and white striped shirt from American Rag
-TWO SCARVES BECAUSE TWO SCARVES ARE BETTER THAN ONE ----> One is random and colored, the other is black and Geoffrey Beene
-Black pants I rolled up from H&M
-Anna Sui Socks
-Payless Boots
-Awkward pose and stuff thrown on floor

The line.
Sadly not the first 100 people to go in so no new treats were given to us, but the bash was fun!

There were A LOT of people and A LOT more snow gear. I think this event has made me really want some sicko goggles and knit hats. OH, and those crazy green leggings (cough Lesley cough).

There was also a photo booth where they took pictures of us to commemorate the event!

Not me or my friends but they are the curly headed people we met in line earlier!

And then I saw these yellow shoes and well, I really want me some yellow shoes.

Finally I snatched up a Teen Vogue while drinking my calories via a Lemon flavored Pelligrino (which tasted pretty good but I imagine would be horrible if not ice cold). I shall have to take a further gander at it (instead of what I should be doing which is my Chanel project . . . )

I then headed home with my friend who introduced me to a band called the Empires! I shall have to check them out further since I liked what I heard . . . and saw. cough


  1. Is this where you bought your Burton Snowboard gear originally? Were there any problems with the gear? Garments in good shape?

  2. I actually didn't buy any this time (although there were some cute things). As far as the items on sale, they all seemed to be in good shape. I didn't see any irregularities and they look like they would last.

    Hope that helped.

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