Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Greek yogurt and waiting for the post

I'm sitting here in my living room right now, headphones on, itunes a-blasting, waiting for the postman whose supposed to come with my mom's skin care products. Except if I leave this house (which I will have to do to go to the post office for my own agendas), I may miss the call. Oh, irony.

Hey guys, watch me look so happy that I'm almost eating my scarf! Mmmmmm, scarf . . .

-Leopard print hair accessory from November issue of Cutie magazine
-Ralph Lauren knit scarf
-Random pink turtleneck
-Thrifted pink polka dot dress via Buffalo Exchange
-Mittens from Swedish penpal! (Christmas present last year)
-Random pink leggings
-Pink thigh highs from H&M
-Payless boots
-Victoria's Secret tote bag

As you can see, I donned on the layers because well, it wasn't too cold out yesterday and I wore no jacket.

So on Monday, my friend and I made art with my Guy & Gallard paper cups.

Yes, we're that cool.
I personally like the "I'm Sassy" cup with doodle Bob on the other side of the crazy rocker man. Oh, and we concluded that the reason why the rocker man's clothes don't fit him is because he stole them from Spongebob. Hence why he is a-naked.

I then proceeded to fall asleep through demo 2 of Draping because it was a. review, and b. there were no more cups to draw on. But I'm a bad bad example, so all the good children of the world, pay attention!

On Tuesday, I did more lolly-gagging via dancing the mashed potato in the hallways and renting out 3 out of 5 dvds of the complete second season of "I Love Lucy." THE COMPLETE SECOND SEASON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Boy, do I love Lucy.

I then proceeded to go to my Intro to World Affairs class and got into this heated argument (more like me ranting while my teacher responded) about how we always overlook the emotional side, i.e. the moral ethical issues in class. This consisted of me forgetting some English and accidentally speaking Japanese, and then flailing my arms around. Then my professor started twisting my words because I was saying how countries should have a choice when choosing what kind of government to have, and he said that I must love George Bush because he wanted to force democracy upon people. Thanks I never said that.
But besides the point, we both agreed we weren't disagreeing with each other, so WHAT EXACTLY WAS THAT LAST 10 MINUTES FOR? I ask . . .

Oh, but the point is, that whole day I didn't eat yogurt and because that felt odd and Oikos was on sale at Whole Foods, I got some.

The verdict: DELICIOUS! Well, I'm biased because I love yogurt and greek yogurt is my favorite kind, but it was creamy and good. And honey never disappoints . . . it's also a good portion size and fills you up pretty fast because it's so thick.

Anyway, happy days guys, happy days~

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