Sunday, November 1, 2009

The past few days PART THREE

Today I awoke and finished that darn tootin' book I was just talking about. After reading, I headed over to the kitchen to make some random yogurt concoction, when my mother popped in bearing a bag of fresh bread and cookies from the "Natural Bread Fair" at Rheon Café in Soho (yelp review seems to be a good one: HERE)
The Natural Bread Fair was basically the cafe's way to showcase some freshly made bread Japanese style. I ate half a salt bread and half a red bean paste bread, both of which were super good! I then ate the cookie that advertised the fair.

Mmmmmmm, advertisements . . .

Okay, so this afternoon should have been me in lolita frollicking with friends in midtown but that didn't happen because my mom thought I would be going to New Jersey to Mitsuwa (a Japanese supermarket) to help my dad with groceries. Instead, around 3, my mom decided I should go alone while she went to Astoria with my dad to get some other groceries.

So naturally on my way to the Port Authority bus terminal, I snapped this picture:

NY1 mentioned it this morning on ON STAGE and I spazz juiced all over because I read it in the 9th grade and it was pretty good. I also watched the movie in class but everyone agreed the actor who played Eugene looked too old (I mean, think about Grease: THEY DON'T LOOK LIKE HIGH SCHOOLERS . . . come on guys!)

After much buying for my parents, I left with a big bag of things that weighed way too much. So as I was resting, I took a picture of the sky.

I swear it was prettier in person.
I think I'll use it later as reference for my painting . . .

Finally, I managed to find some acerola candy!

The scientific name would be Malpighia glabra as said on wikipedia. I basically love this fruit. I can't really find it anywhere but it's popular in Japan in juice and candy form. This has about 10% of it, which is usually the amount in the candies. Berries are known for antioxidants, but this little miracle also has a lot of Vitamin C. And it may be just me, but it's really good for my skin! If you can get your hands on this berry, do it!

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