Saturday, November 28, 2009

That Cute Little Japanese Store in Soho

I personally think that Soho has just about everything I could ask for in a neighborhood: really cute shops (both big and small), trendy people, good eateries or near neighborhoods with good eateries, and an artsy vibe. That being said, I visit every store with enthusiasm and high expectations.

Now, if any of you remember that little Tokyo Joe incident I had way back when, then you'll know that a store could be carrying nice things but be run by terrible people. And I can't tell you enough how much of a turn off that is. But isn't it most refreshing when the store carries adorable things, is run by adorable people, and is in a neighborhood you really like?

This is when Kiteya comes in.

Kiteya Soho, at 464 Broome St between Greene and Mercer St., is a Japanese boutique filled with things from Kyoto in Japan. Kyoto is a city that is known for the old traditions of Japan, ranging from food to architecture to clothing. Kiteya takes these traditional elements and uses them in their merchandise. They have things such as flower hair accessories, Japanese rice paper, handbags accentuating Japan's "simple yet elegant" philosophy, kimono add ons, incense, and even children's clothing with cute prints and words.

Cute and colorful, no?

I also mentioned the people working there being really fantastic. Well, I don't lie. They greet you with a smile, they don't push things on you, and they're energetic. The boss also has some snazzy glasses, which is always a plus.

Right now it seems they have some new items:


I managed to grab myself this one:

Yes, I did go for the pink one (predictable Aya is predictable).

But what you didn't predict is this super offer~!

For the first five to email me about this offer (email on my profile), I will reply back with a promotion code to get 20% off a headband either on display or in the case at the register!

Have fun picking out cute things guys~

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  1. Agreed. The staff are so kind and gracious all the time~ ..that I feel bad for not buying anything there when I go in.

    btw I went to Kiteya on Black Friday and saw your mom :x (see? I actually go in!) but kinda tripped up my Japanese as she spoke to me...