Sunday, November 1, 2009

The past few days PART TWO

So I'm writing this one second after the first post. I SHOULD be studying for tomorrow's midterms like a good kid . . . Oh well . . .

So lately I've been on a reading CRAZE. I finished Harry Potter #7, being thoroughly disappointed in the ending and being all "WHAT THE FUDGE?" with the final battle between Harry and Voldemort, and the epilogue. But after finishing, I read some more Oscar Wilde (because there's never enough), and then I went out to a Japanese bookstore in-closing, and grabbed 2 more books. One of them I finished just this morning:

I didn't know it was actually all ONLINE, so I spent unnecessary money. I wouldn't think that if it were a particularly good book, but it's actually just the same thing over and over again. It's like a trashy teenage novel, but more "pure" I guess in some sense. Basically it's two stories: 1. A girl is in love with her brother (not blood related which is why it's apparently okay) and 2. Girl and teacher relationship. Everything is all oh my lip quivered (<----Boy Meets World reference guys!), oh I can't stop thinking about him, oh I am so troubled . . . some parts were slightly cute, but overall I'm trying to figure out what to do with the book now. OH! So now to regale you all with tales of my Halloween~~~~~! My friend and I were going to go watch Coco before Chanel BUT besides this random lateness for the movie, it was more pricey than we expected (okay, we were just poor), so FAO Schwartz was where we went!

I couldn't resist those cute little bears! So I had to take that last picture. Mickey is always my lover, and OH MY GOD I NEVER SAW THAT MAKE YOUR OWN MUPPETS STATION WANT NOW DEATH

At the Disney Store 10 minutes later, I decided to take a obscure picture of my costume:

I'm a non-slutty bunny!
I had to think of something last minute so I decided, hey, why not? Many people seemed to like it surprisingly and some even took pictures. My friend was a wood fairy creature thing, so we ended up being a woodland duo.

After bumping into a street fair and heading to Crumbs to get a Cappuccino cupcake (it was amazing by the way), we headed downtown to Union Square where we walked the lovely Farmers market and got a free candied apple.

And some lovely pumpkins were on display. . .

Then we went to St. Marks and grabbed ourselves a free burrito via aluminum accessories we put on 5 minutes before.

After a moments rest (as we were just TOO STUFFED I SAY!), we got out and walked with every intention of going to Soho. But instead, we got distracted by shiny things . . . oh, wait, no, even better! The Bowery Bazaar!!

I should've taken more pictures.
But it basically opened on Halloween on Bowery (351 Bowery between E. 3rd and 4th st to be exact), and it's housing a lot of independent artists and designers so check it out! Everyone there was almost eerily friendly . . . (as in SUPER DUPER FRIENDLY) so I will have to trek back there soon to take a closer look at the goods.

Me later reading the flier in Starbucks. Click on it for a bigger picture and the deets!

The rest of the evening was spent uptown scouring Halloween street, where I stared at cute little kids in costumes. I swear, all of them were too cute! Many super heros and princesses I must say!

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