Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Politics borderline Fashion

Lets take a step back from my usual daily happenings and talk about some things I really really enjoy.

I really enjoy fashion, food, brushing my teeth, eating blueberry bagels, reading up on useless facts, singing into a bottle of lotion (not a brush mind you), making bad jokes, oh, and uhhhh, politics.

I REALLY enjoy politics. I enjoy talking about politics. And I love to fangirl about politicians. It's just one of those things.

But lets take a gander at a possible reason why. Well, apart from the fact that we as people should to some extent know what's going on around us, a part of me thinks that learning politics is like observing human nature in some of it's purest form (that being said by observing both the politicians and the people's reactions). And I'm not going to lie when I say I like reading up on the cattiness and the superficiality along with the wonders and splendors of those people.

But hey, sound familiar? Fashion's not that far off when you discuss the words "superficial" and "catty". Obviously there are many other words that come into play when describing the two, but listing everything would require a much clearer head, one of which I do not have due to late night texting. Point is, both involve people, an ideal world and the real world, and blunders. What is not to like about both?

Lets go back to politics however. So we've been honing in on Michelle Obama. We've been obsessing over what she's been wearing every time she steps out the door. And what's wrong with that? She looks FABULOUS and she's not wearing power suits on every occassion. But we really do forget some other fabulous women closely linked to the white house . . .

How about Jill Biden?

Seriously, ever since this get-up (with what my friend calls kinky boots), I decided she is just one hott mama. Not to mention her husband Joe pretty much tickles my funny bone half the time.

Seriously, stop.

I said stop . . .

Okay, don't.

As far as styling herself goes, she used to be a small time model if I remember correctly (apparently Biden saw her face somewhere and developed a crush). So I'd say she's not completely outta the loop.

Anyway, that seems to be all for now. Now to plan my Thanksgiving weekend . . .

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