Saturday, November 14, 2009

Random foodlings and happy packages

Hey guys! I took a leave of absence from the internet for a few days again. I'm really just too exhausted these days.

Then again, I'm not too exhausted to do FUSION (DBZ reference) in the hallways. And yeah, I drew myself a new face for today.

J crew sweater (I borrowed from my mom)
Forever 21 shirt dress
Denim shorts
Gap leggings
Payless boots

So a few days ago, I got pretty much the BEST FREAKING PACKAGE IN THE WORLD. Oh, wait, no, I didn't . . . I GOT TWO BEST PACKAGES IN THE WORLD. Here they are!

1. A package from my sweet sweet friend in Sweden:

Yay, a belated birthday gift~! She even drew a dolly face (Anna sui) on my card! God, I wish I could give her a hug!
In the package: Hair bow, earrings, chocolate bars!
I don't have pierced ears but those earrings are so snazztastic that I'm converting them to clip ons so I can wear them. I'm also excited for the Swedish candy . . . I can't even read the labels it's great!
Thank you so much honey!

2. The Upwelling goods!!!!

So here's the story:
I got into this band The Upwelling a month or so ago via a blog and their music on myspace. A week or so after getting into them, they were holding a contest to give out their new album and original artwork from the cover artist to 5 winners. I sent them an email saying I just became a fan and how radical it would be to win and listen to their new album. And lo and behold, I was one of the winners!!!! It even came with a signed poster! You guys gotta check 'em out!

Oh, and they win for being part of For the Win media.

So you can imagine I was a happy camper for the past few days.

Oh, and while we're still on the topic of packages, I did get one small something yesterday as well:

I ordered a free sample of Honey Nut Cheerios maybe a month and a half ago, and it came yesterday! It's a mini box! The cuteness blows my mind!

And if Cheerios didn't do it, my mother came home today with a loaf of some Holiday Pumpkin Bread!

I tried it and it's really good. Just a slight hint of sweet so I think I can play up with the sweet and savory on this one. It says spices in the ingredient list so you don't know exactly which one, but cloves are the most prominent judging by my taste buds. I might make some kind of French toast with this on Monday if I get some eggs.
The bread is on sale currently at Gourmet Garage for $2.49.

I'm also thinking of getting some agave nectar soon. I've never tried it but besides seeing it on the ingredient list on some raw treats, I got it recommended for trying it with the pumpkin puree I get at Trader Joes. If there's a specific variety anyone knows of, please let me know!

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