Saturday, November 21, 2009

So sleepy I could just drop right now

My hands are hot. Ever happen to you? Well, I don't know the science behind it, but its basically a common occurrence when you're sleepy. At least from what I've noticed and what my mum has told me . . .

Friday's outfit:

-My short straight wig (from my growing wig collection . . . which people seem to be loving in my class woot!)
-Glasses from St. Marks
-Geoffrey Beene Scarf
-Jean Jacket print t-shirt (off-shoulder and slight crop = cold anemic Asian)
- Sister's hand-me-down shorts I cut off
-Random jean jacket
-Black tights
-Broken Double Decker boots

Sorry guys this was my favorite picture and it came at a weird angle. Brownie points to people who cock their head for a better view!

So on Friday I did two things during lunch:

1. Ate at Rainbow Deli, a recent favorite. After 5, they lower the prices on their food, but during lunch, it's $6.49 per pound. Good stuff.

I loaded my container with food because I had nothing but a card and they needed a $7 minimum. I got some cold pasta, cucumber, tomatoes, feta (love!), lots-o-greens, avocado slice, potatoes, chicken pieces, 1 sausage piece, green beans, and some random fruit. It held me over pretty much the whole rest of the day, so I didn't need a big dinner!

I also had some of this:

Red Bull. I gotta say, it tastes like a cup of beer and if you took about 10 wet licks of a cherry tootsie pop and swirled the beer with it. Nasty, I know. Not my cup of tea. But I could drink it and it was also free (otherwise, energy drinks are not my favorite) . . .
To make it better, my friend said to mix in cranberry juice. Conveniently we had some, so we mixed it in.

Yeah, so this is the friend that had the picnic = gay theory, so I'm thinking of not listening to her anymore because this didn't make it taste that much better . . .

2. Forgot I had a 2, didn't ya?
Well, two was basically me embarrassing myself in an FIT elevator because I was rummaging for my phone to get my friend's number, and then I started freaking out loud because they were getting off soon. So I followed them off and proceeded to drop my phone. And because I'm technologically retarded, I couldn't even put my battery back in so I had my friend do it.

Even this chimp is embarrassed . . . jeez, I need to transfer.

Now let me start on my art history report, one of the few classes I'm too tired to do that much damage at.

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