Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Monday and Tuesday

My Monday was a total bore but I managed to be productive and finish an overdue skirt (although I STILL have to go in to school today to do more work for the same class . . . )

However, highlights!

1. Getting an A on my Bodice with Yoke (although I added a midriff too) + Dirndl (which I had to fix a bunch of times to get the side seam to line up). So I love the boob gathering . . . and so did the teacher.

2. Snacking on these pretzels from the Organic Market (near FIT). I usually get Chunks of Energy there (and I did), but decided I would probably have another snack attack, so I got a few pretzels: Peanut Butter, Chocolate, and Yogurt covered.
The Peanut Butter was my favorite. It was salty but not overpowering. And I love peanut butter.
The Chocolate was kind of standard.
The Yogurt was also kind of standard, but not overbearingly sweet like some other places.

Conclusion: I will go back for some more. Especially the peanut butter ones.

3. This is pretty INSANELY embarrassing (shows how much I love you guys), but upon being productive during my free time, I needed to use the bathroom. So I went in to what I thought was the women's restroom, only to find out I WAS TOTALLY WRONG. And it would have been okay if no one was there, but no, someone was. And out of all the guys that could possibly be in there, a classmate. No, he was just looking in the mirror (in case you were worried about things other than my embarrassment).

Then Tuesday, I did more sewing and some World Affair-ing, of which I did not go crazy and start ranting at the teacher again.

My friend bought a cute little endangered cookie from Starbucks.


And after starving myself most of the day (lack of time), my friends and I headed to Rainbow Deli yet again for dinner.

I love having multiple colors on my plate.
Mainly greens, some pasta salad, piece of grilled and general tso's chicken, some mac and cheese, a little veggie sushi, potatoes, and fruit. My friend also gave me half of a black and white cookie! But I being me choked on it from laughing too hard.

I'm too special, guys . . .

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