Wednesday, November 4, 2009

I forgot my mouse was working . . .

I put the darn little whatsahoozit in my laptop so my mouse would work and I totally forgot so I was manually using the little touch pad with my finger. Wow, I wasted time . . .

I was drinking some Chai tea (my main staple) and eating a granola bar this morning when I remembered I have to figure out who that political figure is that my professor took a picture with. Which is FAIL because I don't remember and I should remember and now I feel stupid.

What I want to know though is WHO IS MY PROFESSOR REALLY?
Because apparently, 2 weeks ago, he attended some event to meet the Preseident of the Dominican Republic??? WHAT???
And last night, he was all "Class will end really early today because I have to go to NBC to comment on the mayoral election." WHO ARE YOU?

I swear, he's a mystery that one . . .

So today I was reading some product reviews on Sephora and came across a complaint about Sephora eyeshadow because it wasn' as rich as they wanted it to be. Well, putting the Sephora name aside, I cannot tell you how many times I've encountered eye shadow that just wasn't cutting it. So here I shall give you a great tip!

You will need:

-A fail eyeshadow (preferrably cheap or one you don't care too much about)
-Lip balm (again, get a cheap one or one you already have)
-A clean blade
-Some thing to mix in (like a tiny bowl or container)
-Popsicle stick, or Q-tip

Okay, take your eyeshadow and crack it and put into your bowl. Then take your blade and cut some chunks of the lip balm into it. Take your Q-tip or popsicle stick and smash the two together. And viola! You have cream eyeshadow. This should (to my knowledge), make it richer and denser in color when applying. Plus, you won't need primer because it sticks!

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