Thursday, January 7, 2010


Ciao! How are you? <------What I wrote in the title

Yesterday I wrote I wake up on opposite sides of the bed. I really do wake up with my feet under my pillow. I think this is a sign I need to find ways to sleep better if I'm moving around in the middle of the night.

Anyway, this morning I ate this!

Plain yogurt, banana, Fuji apple, pear, and chunks of energy! I want to say this is chocolate almond but I'm probably wrong. Either way, it had chocolate in it.
Yesterday I stocked up, and now I only have 5. I . . . need to learn self control.

On Monday, I hung out with my friend Christina by selling clothes at Beacon's Closet and then going to Soho to shop.

Everyone should know my love for Anna Sui by now, but I try not to go to the shop TOO often because I always end up buying something. Well, Christina and I had time to kill so of course, I said "Let's Go!" 10 minutes later, I come out with a fukubukuro (lucky pack, or what they labeled as mystery pack). The packs are basically bags/boxes filled with stuff worth more than what you pay but the catch is, you have no idea what's in them.

There are 4 different kinds at the Anna Sui in Soho:
1. $100 pack - comes with a cool sequined tote bag, jewelry box, make-up (I believe they said the lip gloss kit and some eye shadow?), brushes, etc.
2. $75 pack - jewelry box, make-up (lip stick, eye stuff?)
3. $45 pack - Clutch, lip stick, eye shadow
4. $35 pack - eye shadow and eye glitter

I got the $45 box (one of the shop girls told me she thought that was most worth it in terms of usage).

Très bon!
I am definitely liking my pack. Mainly because I've been wanting lip stick from Anna Sui, and not only that but I got a cute color that's not overkill red or purple hue. The clutch and the eye color are also lovely and adorable. Since the eye color and the lip color together are around $40 retail, and I got a clutch, I say I like the deal. Some may not risk it because you don't know what you're getting, but if you generally like Anna Sui, it'll be fun to get and see what you got.
Also, this $45 is the only one with the black and purple box, and IT IS THE BEST BOX EVER. I know that sounds strange but this box is lined with black velvet! And it's so roomy that I'm putting in a bunch of my other Anna Sui things. It's wonderful!

I wonder if you guys also bought nice things recently? Happy shopping!

*EDIT: I changed the banner by the way! I was bored again with the last banner, so I decided to make this one more simple and chic. Hope you like!


  1. ; A; you didn't tell me about this fukubukuro
    's quite nice though!

  2. Dude, totally didn't even know about it until I went in the store! But seriously, I was happy.

  3. I always wanted to swing for some kind of luckypack. Though make up isn't really my thing at the moment (though I do see myself using it in the near future) all that stuff is awesome.

    But I admit I'm most excited about the box it came in xD

  4. Yes, the box is excitement worthy. XD

    And Aria, you never told me you had a blogspot! Whaaaaaaaaaaattttttttttttttttttttttttt~~~~~ You gotta update it more man!

  5. Whoaa late reply :0

    I will! Once I get to sewing some more things xD I meant for it to be a sewing blog haha.

    Soon my friend! :D