Sunday, January 24, 2010

Water bottles, SAG Awards, and Vegan Peanut Butter Cups!

Hey guys! The weekends are almost ending, which pretty much means I have about one more week until school starts. I should be more productive . . . (like going to school beforehand and cleaning out my locker!) We'll see what happens.

Anyway, I would like to introduce to you all:

My new water bottle!
Well, I have a bad habit of buying water when it's convenient, but it always bothered me since a. paying for water I already have, and b. the waste from the bottles, didn't seem good.
Today I happened to go inside Old Navy with my mom and saw one of these for $5 and decided to get one! In my mind, I'm thinking finally!
The picture is an outcome of me using my web cam (which miraculously worked today!)

You know what they say about naming things though, right? That if you name your personal belongings, you take better care of it (therefore it lasts longer). I think I'll name him (or her, it's undecided, but right now, it's just confused) Sunny.

I also watched the Screen Actors Guild Awards last night! Highlights include:

-Betty White's hilarious speech
-Drew Barrymore being cutely nervous
-George Clooney oddly looking down every time his name came up
-Tina Fey being Tina Fey

And my favorite Red Carpet looks came from these 3 ladies:

From Left: Kate Hudson in Emilio Pucci, Diane Kruger in Jason Wu, Christina Applegate in Roberto Cavalli

So I think I like trains and back cleavage. Kate Hudson was my absolute favorite though. She is one person that just rocks white. I also didn't know it was Pucci until I looked it up. It's really one of my favorites.

Finally, Vegan Peanut Butter cups.
Okay, so I religiously follow the Lilveggiepatch, and she's always linking these great recipes from other blogs! Recently, she had posted about Vegan Peanut Butter Cups from another blog (here's the post and recipe) and I told my friend Ana about it.
Well, her being vegan, my being open to anything, and us both being chocoholics, we thought it sounded easy and wonderful! Then we also thought, hey, if there are leftovers, why not sell them and donate the money to Haiti?

Now the only thing is to set up a time and then get ingredients. I never worked with nooch before (nutritional yeast). My only problem is buying it, and then not being able to use it as much. Like, buying an ingredient for something, but then realizing you don't have many uses for it? I guess that's what google is for!

Anyway, leaving on that thought, I think I'm going to go contact Ana right now to plan this! Pictures will come when it happens! Toodles guys!


  1. yes dear Aya, this is Ana AGAIN. We should make them and thing is that cooking/baking takes lots of practice...and that does sometimes means messing up food..but that's okay because practice makes perfect! I've finally learned to make some decent pasta with the help of plump olives! yay. so yeah. nutrional yeast...woah...oh by the way, my friend Liz is a vegan. I don't know if you remember her, she's blonde, goes to LaGuardia too...but I'm thinking if her kitchen might be free one weekend..but crappers. we need a weekday..oh no wait..I think if we put them in the fridge we can preserve them for one day and I can bring them to school on Monday!
    oh by the way, I want to hang out, but problem is that I have like tiny slots open, like 1-3 hour hang out times, and I want to reserve pretty much a whole day to hang out. I know it wouldn't be worth taking the train for an hour or so hang out. so yeah. hectic crap, plus FAFSA :( due the 2nd...for Syracuse..and stuff like more applications they send me. they love me so. It is true. I get so much mail from them saying they got my application but they want MORE and MORE.

  2. I do remember Liz! I met her at Book Off that time. ^^

    And jeebus, that stuff is so annoying. And why is Syracuse everywhere???? I keep seeing it mentioned everywhere. Like in Men of a Certain Age (this show is pretty good actually), I think they went to Syracuse.

    Oh, and yeah, tell me when you have time over the weekend then. We can go eat at vegan places!

  3. what is this show Men of a Certain age? from where?