Monday, January 4, 2010

New Years, Tea, Roses, Flushing, and Good Company. . .

Hey everybody! So right now I'm feeling a bit nauseous from the chocolate I just ate. M&Ms . . . I like them but don't eat them often (or many other generic chocolate bars), so I don't think my stomach is quite used to it. Ahh well, I'll get over it.

I forgot to post some food from New Years.

Mochi and Osechi things. Osechi is kinda what Japanese families eat on New Years. It's usually much more extravagant and has more things, but we had the mochi as ozouni (mochi in a soup with vegetables) so we didn't want any more for lunch.
What really made me laugh is that my mom dressed the osechi plate first and it was a bit messy, but then my dad the sushi chef secretly fixed it while she wasn't looking. The picture is after it got fixed.

Dinner consisted of octopus, squid, sea urchin, and fish soup (oh my god, this seafood trend . . . ) I don't have pictures though [tears]

Then on Saturday, my friends and I hung out in Flushing!

This is me in Flushing Mall. Why yes mama, I am wearing my wig again! I'm also wearing:
-Knit hat from my friend in Sweden
-Fake glasses
-Gucchi flask necklace
-White H&M Knit Sweater dress (which I tucked into my shorts)
-Random pair of shorts
-Anna Sui tights
-Payless boots
-Sonia Rykiel x H&M collab tote bag

After much fun around the mall and then walking around other stores, we all headed to Queens Crossing to get something to eat!

We went to Ajisen Ramen on the first floor. My two friends and I got the chicken curry rice. For the price (like $6.50), it's a nice portion. The taste is okay. It was more curry flavored chicken over rice than curry with chicken in it over rice (if that makes sense). I also like my things spicy so it was okay on my tongue, but my friends found it really spicy after a while.
Really glad I didn't try the ramen though because I just skimmed reviews and apparently it's not good.

We then proceeded to go take purikura.

A little sampler for ya. D'awwwwww, good times.

After decorating and splitting the sheet of glittery photo goodness, we went back to Queens Crossing to try some tea at Rose House!

The first picture is what it look likes from the outside (I being a creeper actually stood in front of the door and took a whiff earlier that day to see if it actually smelled of roses . . . it did).
So the decor is nice and easy on the eyes. There are roses and paintings everywhere.
We were seated in the back area near the VIP room. We were originally there to just have a little cup of tea and go, but they have a rule that every person needs to order at least one thing, so we decided on 2 plates of Rose Cookies and Rose Milk Tea.
The cookies were buttery vanilla cookies. Not much rose flavor, but I'm not complaining. The tea took a good while to come (I'm guessing they steeped roses or something but it took quite a while for one pot of tea), but when it came, boy was I happy! It was pretty much this:
If Anna Sui's nail polish suddenly had a milky color and became edible, that would be it. I swear on my life drinking it was like drinking the smell coming from Anna's cosmetics. It was sweet, but so warming and I love milk tea. We shared a pot and each had about 2 cups and a quarter or so (imagine drinking it by yourself!) I was thoroughly pleased.
We learned that they only take card for $20+ (good to know!) but luckily I had cash for maybe the first time in a long time. I think next time (yes, there shall be a next time), I'll try another different tea.

Excuse my freakishly long post. I'll see y'all again later!


  1. Thanks for the information.

    I'm just wondering how the food and prices compare to Alice's Tea Cup?

  2. If you like Alice's, then I suggest continue going there. The prices are much better. The food, I'm not sure since I didn't eat anything besides the cookies and the tea. If you want to try new different kinds of tea though, I suggest visiting Rose House. You may end up liking it.

    As for ambiance, I've only been to the Alice's on 64th (since I heard that one was the best), and I understand it gets pretty crowded due to popularity. Rose House is roomy and has a cozy feel (with their paintings and fake fireplace). They also let you mingle even after you eat, so that's a plus.

    I hope this all helped. ^^