Saturday, January 23, 2010

Stop bullying me you trendy fiend!

Well, fashion likes to poke at me from afar with long sticks. But then it feels bad and comes to give me a hug. It's kinda like a sour patch kid. Hey, what happened to those commercials anyway?

I was reading a few things and was just thinking about this. But alas, the arguments have been made time and time again, and when I deem it time to make mine (which will happen on numerous occasions I am sure), I shall. But not now.

I went on a little adventure yesterday with my friend to the Metropolitan Museum of Art (one of my favorite places to be). Of course, American Stories was a must. It's the new exhibit that's out right now. I highly recommend it.
I often find that European paintings have a sense of humility, like "We know we're great, you know we're great, but we don't need to remind you." American paintings are more "We're great. You know it. So we shall flaunt it." I really felt that sort of an energy come from the paintings.

Anyway, after American paintings, we went jousting with the best.

Okay, no, just went to visit some brave knights in the Medieval Arts section on the first floor. I never actually took a good look at them (I was usually right next door in the Rococo rooms) but they are so radical!

I am digging it.

Which makes me think of this from a few weeks back.

The Japanese Samurai Armor made by Tetsuya Noguchi, honoring the one and only Chanel. Oh the wonders of the human mind . . .

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