Thursday, January 14, 2010

Extras from Tuesday

On Tuesday, my friend Melissa and I decided to go watch Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus, eat, and take photos. The photos ended up being in a Soho store my mom works at, except we used their bathroom.

Before those pictures are revealed, here is my cupcake of wonders:

S'mores cupcake from Crumbs!
Every time I go to Crumbs, I try to get a flavor I never had before. Nothing has disappointed me yet! This one had a marshmallow frosting/fluff center.
After getting it though, I saw the Blueberry Cobbler which I also never tried and I wish I had gotten that because I see it less. Ah well . . .

Now on to the bathroom pictures . . .

To have total creative license over how I present my pictures, I touched them up and collaged them together.

Wheeeeeeee, stars and purple~
My friend told me it looked like some indies Japanese cd cover. Haha, it actually does. And I have a bob that was popular back then in 90's Japan.

Fixing hair in the mirror. I love kinda out of focus blurry shots.

My make-up mixed with Melissa's. There's a lot in my little Hello Kitty make-up bag, but I still have more at home.

Finally, trying to pull a Michael Jackson (except with fishy lips and robot arms!).

Melissa also got me some Chai!

I had some yesterday and it's SO GOOD. I used hot milk, but I'm sure it'd taste good with hot water too. I wish I had a steamer to steam my own milk because that would be the best thing ever! Maybe I should become friends with that guy at Guy and Gallard since I do eat there often on school days . . .

We ended up eating dinner together too, but that will be saved for another post with more pictures! Toodles all!

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  1. damn red lips look good on you! i've tried to make them work on me, but as my boyfriend says.. i just look like a kid who has found mom's make ups ... _D