Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Marc and Lorenzo, Emma Watson, and Amazon

I wake up every morning sleeping in a different direction than what I started out with.

Why hello, this is Aya.

Several things made me happy today.

1. Marc and Lorenzo's engagement party!
Okay, so rumors had it they got married but those rumors were broken by a source close to the couple who says they're still engaged. BUT WHO CARES WHEN THE CAKE IS BASED OFF OF DAISY AND A-TOP IT IS A SHIRTLESS MARC AND TUXED LO LOOKING HAPPY?
And anyone who knows me knows I love the scent Daisy, so yeah, pretty giddy.
Picture found right HERE

2. THE BURBERRY CAMPAIGN (I gotta stop being obnoxious with my caps)

So much youth in one ad campaign! And yet, how they manage to be such lovely adults, I do not know. I just thought it was a British thing . . .
Well, Emma Watson has done it again (you know, the look flawless and windblown in a major ad campaign thing). And this time alongside her brother Alex Watson (in picture above). The campaign also features George Craig, Matt Gilmour, and Max Hurd.

3. Amazon surfing. I believe I have never done this before (I'll usually look on ebay), but I gotta say Amazon has pretty much everything. I'm pretty sure if I never wanted to step out of my house, I could rely on Amazon for everything.
What got me really excited though was Dolly Girl's Bonjour L'Amour by Anna Sui. Seriously, you know how I said Daisy is one of my favs? Well, this one is THE ONE. Actually, to be more precise, the one that got away.
Long story short, when it released, I went crazy. Loved it, wanted it. Kept going to the store to check it out. I was also broke severely and was saving money for it. Well, I thought I could take my time (and so I did). Bad choice. REALLY bad choice. When I finally had enough money for it, it was gone and I was devastated. Since then, I've been keeping my eyes peeled for it.
Well, it was on Strawberry Net for a while but I never bought perfume over the internet and had to do a lot of thinking. Now though, I might as well buy it off Amazon because I may be getting a gift card and Amazon is known for being amazing all around. Which means I may finally be getting my dream fragrance!

So, if I end up doing so, I'll let ya guys know. TTFN - Tata for now!

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