Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Mourning the losses.

As some may know (most may know), Joe Biden's mother, Jean Biden, died on Friday, at the age of 92. The funeral was held yesterday.

I for one would love to live that long, so in that respect, I'm glad she was there to support him through most of his life.

(She's so cute!)

Rest in peace.

I'm also going to mourn the loss of jobs at Karl Lagerfeld (although um, pretty much everywhere else).

Then I'm mourning the loss of these:

-Good things in my size at the Topshop Soho sale (Buy One Get One Free. Best be checking it out before it's all gone . . . )
-Cherry Preserve in my fridge and local super market
-Time before the sun goes down
-Will to eat more salad after eating them straight on for the past few days (and still having more mixed greens in the fridge)

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