Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Zac Posen and Project Runway

Okay, so my verdict on the new Target Collabs is thus:

Zac Posen = Win
Jean Paul Gaultier = . . .

Obviously, this is solely based on my opinion. And yes, I have friends that like the Gaultier collection. And no, this isn't a competition. Just, if a pop up shop comes up in the near future of these releases, you'll know which one I'm going to be spending my money at.

I'm a little (let's face it, a lot) bias towards Zac Posen because I love him and admire him. But I really dig the collection mainly because of two reasons:

1. It's actually really Zac, despite the fact that it's a collaboration line.

2. Fun, funky, and quirky, which is great also for the upcoming season. That, and colors galore.

I guess I'm not digging Gaultier's because it's a little . . . confusing to me? It's not so much my aesthetic. I also am not on board when it comes to the whole weird tattooed skin looking clothing. I mean, tattoos are fine, but I don't really get why I would want to wear clothes like that. My friend who likes the collection though might convince me otherwise. I guess it all depends on how it looks in person!

Now, I'm a little late on commenting on the now 7th Season of Project Runway. But what's a girl with basic cable to do? So like any little curious girl with some time on hand, I googled, and realized I could watch it on the OHP!

After watching the first episode, I made my list of Top 3:

1. Amy Sarabi
2. Maya Luz
3. Jay Nicolas Sario

Those are in no specific order as of right now, but they are the three that based on their portfolio, is what I liked to see. Obviously if they can't work under time constraints constantly, then it might pose a problem. But I would like to see what they do in the next few challenges/episodes.

Also, I'm really glad the show is back in New York. I mean, it just makes more sense. And I don't know if this is the reason why, but overall, I like how this season started off more than season 6 (I gave up watching last season actually, after episode 3). Well, no, I think I like this season more because the people on this season are more socially likeable.

Those were my 2 cents on those topics. I'm off to eat lunch. Auf Wiedersehen!

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