Saturday, January 9, 2010

British accents and facial hair = . . . .

So what does it equal guys?

Sorry, did you really not see that coming?

Oh, okay, so you get it now . . .

Well, today I went to go see Sherlock Holmes even though I was kinda saving it for a slightly later date . . .
Well, what resulted from watching this movie were several things:

1. Wanting to be British
2. Wanting to be Rachel McAdams
3. Wanting to be Mary (neigh, having Mary disappear so Watson and Holmes could be on cool adventures forever)
4. Wondering when the receding hairline started . . .
5. Wondering why I didn't see Hamlet (oh, yeah, tickets were impossible to get)
6. Waiting for the next installment

The beginning was kind of slow (as in, the first hour was all introduction), but the rest of the movie was quite enjoyable and rather funny. If you don't end up liking Watson more towards the end, you're just confusing. I think overall the movie was pretty good. More action than obviously what the books would have, but that's what happens when something goes Hollywood. I'm also DYING to try and redo Rachel McAdam's makeup in the movie. It's quite sexy and very appealing.

Speaking of Rachel, I never mentioned how much I love her. She's one of my favs, along with Anne Hathaway. Maybe I just prefer matte lipstick brunettes, but I quite enjoy the work that both do.

So on that note, I shall get off! Have a good night ladies and gents!

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  1. corbin tried to do a class trip to see Hamlet. She failed. hahahahha. Too bad. :(