Tuesday, January 5, 2010

What I hate . . .

1. The MTA for screwing me over every time. Raising the prices? F train ALWAYS under construction on the weekends? I mean, seriously, if the MTA were a person, I'd shove them in a bag and send them to Australia.

2. When my internet stops responding.

3. Speaking of Australia, this:

Jennifer Hawkins unretouched on the cover of Marie Claire!

Well, the naked thing is nothing new, but from this, we're apparently supposed to see all her flaws. Except that any flaw she may have is probably close to nothing, and that her perfectly done up hair and face doesn't exactly relate to the average person who doesn't have access to awesome make-up artists.
I see why they would use someone known vs. an unknown average woman because yes, this will sell better. But if this is for connecting to the general public by not retouching the photo, I believe there were other alternatives.

4. Being late to a destination 5 minutes away. -sigh-

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