Thursday, January 28, 2010

I like to yawn periodically

Hey everybody. I have a huge migraine right now because I was up all night writing. And now, I am still writing (I mean, apart from on this). So please excuse any errors!

This picture is actually me yesterday, really yawning while fiddling with my camera. I was waiting for my friend in Whole Foods.

My beautiful haul:

I went to Westerly yesterday and grabbed a few things: Chunks of Energy (yum, and cheaper than where I normally get them!), some produce, and Heart Thrive! I've tried the Lemon Poppy variety but I never had the apple so I thought I'd give it a go!

BTW, I'm going to assume that everything in the fruit package is organic because all the produce at Westerly is. Well, I had the orange today and maybe I just haven't had orange in a long while, but it was so good. Oh how I missed you, sphere of citrusy goodness.

My friend also got:

Yes, the plastic warped in the microwave.
She didn't like it too much. It may be because she doesn't eat the health food store food (for lack of better words) as often as I do. I had some, and I have to admit I've had better. But still, the price was agreeable.

Lastly, I hung out with my friend Crysbel on Tuesday! She came back from Ecuador. We walked around downtown and talked about movies and the works. She got me back a gift!

Isn't it cute?
And it has my name on it, so it's like having a stylish name tag. Thank you!

Anyway, I believe it is time I probably get off. Have a nice Thursday everyone!


  1. hi aya~ its vivi from FIT/lag
    thats a cute namtag! :D

  2. Sorry about your migraine!

    Is Westerly not the best place ever? I could spend so much money there... love those Heart Thrives.

    Feel better :-)

  3. Vivi~!!!! I didn't know you had a blogspot! Such a cute username!

    And Katie, thank you for the get better comment! And yes, Westerly is quite amazing.

  4. Hey Aya! the oranges and every produce there is ORGANIC. I asked too and it's true. I love how I can get some cheap organic, even if it's not the freshest! But one time I got some tiny lettuces and they had a million bugs in them. I know this is reality, but I didn't want to eat it even after I washed it. What a waste.
    Oh yeah heart thrives :) poppy seed! I think I tried apple, once. The chocolate one reminds me of something I would want to eat with some vegan hot chocolate. there are little chocolate chips in it.
    the food package your friend got...yeah the combo packages are never good. I thought it would be...cause I like pad thai and sometimes they don't have the pad thai alone..but ehh...but the little "chicken" pieces were alright. I would've liked it with some rice!

  5. The bugs make me sad, but yeah, you win some, you lose some I suppose. I think fruit is much safer. Same goes for the food packages (you win some comment), but still, it's a good price for the amount I think!

    And I forgot to tell you, but I was so tempted to get some raw icecream when I was there. >n<

  6. if you do, get the pistachio one! it's good :)