Friday, January 8, 2010

Lets celebrate with cake!

I being a dork did go and make a banner for this joyous occasion.
And of course, to get the point through that this is a fashion AND food blog, I chose a picture of Heidi Klum with a lollipop (of course, of course)

And what is a celebration without cake?

Well, I happened upon this article from 2 months ago and since I never saw this until now and maybe some of you here haven't, I figured what the hay, lets post it up!

Well, Motion Media magazine FLY16x9 did this movie for the MOMA MiXX benefit event (months ago), and a shorter version is up on their website:

There is a Fashion Page and an Art Page. To watch "Cake", click Fashion.
I never really thought watching a model wear AF Vandevorst and eat cake would be so entertaining but the way it's shot is actually pretty cool. The old timey music (which may also be mistaken as elevator music), the brown and grey hues, the fact that most of the time you can only see half of the model's face, and how she struggles to finish the cake all kind of kept me interested. The cake looks delicious but I have to hand it to her for eating so much of it (even I can't do that).
I also watched Platonic Crush which is for Christian Dior. I love it when fashion and art is combined, so if you do too, check it out!

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