Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Inspiration of the Day

Actually, it's a lie since Camilla Belle is one of my inspirations daily, but then again, I also have many.

I mean, who else is as classy as her and looks good in EVERYTHING? Especially Mcqueen's recent collection, which I didn't think could be pulled off by many (still don't). But wow, she definitely proved me wrong.

I am currently being antisocial and staying at home a lot. This being because I need to organize a few things . . . especially my sleeping schedule.

I am going to vow for the rest of the month, I WILL NOT BUY CLOTHES. The only exception I am making is IF I find a pair of lace up boots, because my current pair has been broken for a year or so now and it's not working for the cold weather . . .

Now, can I break the reality bubble for a sec and mention the earthquake in Haiti? I know I don't own a current events blog, but it's been a few days now since it's happened and it just seems that it needs to be touched upon.
I am really glad that so many charities and donation boxes are popping up. I was watching the news, and recently there has been controversies on certain charities that apparently they're spending the money for Haiti on other things. It's been denied, but I really hope that it won't happen in the future. Remember in Sex and the City when Samantha was trying to make a charity for a dead fashion designer and she started it so she could get contacts of everyone in NY's social circle? And in the end, nobody helped her because she made out with one guy who had a wife who pretty much had every connection to every place in NY?
That was just to connect, but the real point is, if you're going to do a good deed, do it with a good intention. And I also believe that even if you can't directly help out with the earthquake, spreading the word or praying also helps.

Here's a website to learn more and help out:

Hope for Haiti

There are many more if you search online.

Remember, to be a glamorous human being, one must have a glamorous heart. <----As lame as that sounds, go with it guys. Much love to ya!

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