Wednesday, January 27, 2010

So when did I actually become a dork?

Good question.

It may have been those times in English AP junior year when pretty much every lunch period I went to go talk to my English teacher about theories I had about Shakespeare's plays, or how I could improve on all of my essays. Or when he wasn't there, hanging out with my Japanese teacher.

Or, I don't know, totally following up on my math teacher's wardrobe senior year because she actually had cuter clothes than a lot of the people in the hallway?

Or we could trace it back some more to middle school when I wore fake lip piercings to imitate my favorite singer.

No, it probably goes back even further. I mean, I was kind of one of the best spellers in elementary school. And yeah, I collected rocks. And now I collect figurines (okay, given that I only accept them when they come around and I don't actually go looking for them) But this is when that phrase "Don't judge me" [insert shifty eyes] really comes into play.

So you know that moment when you're heart kinda stops because you're so excited? And you breathe more heavily and your hands get a little sweatier and maybe you might even squeal?

Well, I do. I mean, know that moment. And it happens to me a few times a week, when something just feels right.

A few examples as of the past few days:

1. Sonia Rykiel: Pre fall and H&M collab
Okay, so not that I totally don't love her on a daily basis anyway, but come on.
I'm not the biggest fan of all the collabs (not that I'm not excited about hearing about them and looking at look books, but I try not to expect too much), but I for one think she is doing EXACTLY what should be done, which is, she's retaining her style constantly both in her own line (of course) and collaboration pieces. And she makes things many women would love to wear: casual enough, sexy/sweet/cute/fun/lovely, but still dressy. I for one just go gaga for Sonia.

2. Christian Dior SS2010 (Couture)
Um, yes, so I am one of those many many people who love the collection. So I won't go too far, let me just say the two things that come to my mind right away:
-John Galliano
Yes, that may have made sense . . . note that those were two separate things, but they could work together too. Just saying.

3. High Def. DVDs
Okay, so I didn't exactly stop and die but it's pretty mind blowing. I actually saw the pores on Jame's McAvoy's face in Wanted. And Morgan Freemans. I didn't ask, but that's just how mind blowingly awesome the quality is. Off note, but that movie was also quite enjoyable. Peanut butter . . .

Point is, I dork out immensely. And I have moments that are obviously when I am dorking out. But I really just wanted to share the recent moments with you guys, and to express my love for fashion and high definition dvds. I hope you all will have moments of your own.

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  1. oh my gosh! what english teacher? and is the math teacher ms.sevaj?
    haha. I used to look in the mirror and adjust a fake nose piercing...and I felt cool. I don't think I want to get piercings, but temporary/fake one's would be fun.
    I still want to watch that movie with Lily Cole..!